“You look really pale!”

So I need to give you the background of my creative choice to go black and white with my COVID-19 vaccine celebration shot. The shot was just like any other shot! Which means I had a vasovagal reaction and almost passed out. When the reaction hits, it feels unstoppable. You feel your body start tingling like it’s falling asleep (the painful kind) as your blood flow slows down. Your vision goes dark as your blood flow doesn’t get enough oxygen to your brain.

It’s frustrating. I wish it didn’t happen but it always does, no matter if I know about shots or blood draws or eye drops or whatever else in advance or with no warning–my body isn’t a fan. Mentally I am so grateful! My blood pressure, heart rate, and blood flow? Not so much.

Anyways, I said I would explain the black and white color choice. I got my shot and was standing in line to schedule my 2nd shot before going to wait in observation. I didn’t make it to observation. I could feel I was losing my oxygen and strength I asked a nurse for something to make a wash cloth to put on my head and sit down. She agreed to help and said, oh yea “you look really pale.”

Friends. I’m always pale. But the very helpful nurses at the Jackson Fair Grounds site could noticeably see me pale and then noticeably recognized that my color had returned when I started to get back to normal.

I didn’t know how to help you visualize this without turning myself into a black and white photo.

Thank you to the nurses who helped sit with me until I regained my color. They even talked about the need to set up a cot to help someone lie down next time if they respond like I do. The main nurse even walked me out to my car at the end to make sure I was fully feeling well.

Thank you to Jennifer Jones who happened to see me ill and asked if I would need a ride. I was feeling better and didn’t need the ride, but very grateful for the ask.

Thank you to the doctors and scientists who helped develop a vaccine worth possibly fainting for.

Hopefully in the next few months as more of us are vaccinated, we’ll regain the full spectrum of color that is life and appreciate it all the more.